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EDM Thriller ‘Enter the Dangerous Mind’

EDM Thriller ‘Enter the Dangerous Mind’

Some exciting news for fans of EDM and horror as Youssef Delara and Victor Teran’s Enter the Dangerous Mind, starring Jake Hoffman, Nikki Reed (Twilight, Thirteen), Thomas Dekker (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Scott Bakula, and Jason Priestley, is finally getting released!

Formerly titled Snap, Variance will be releasing this really good EDM-based psychological thriller in theaters and on iTunes February 6, 2015.

Bloody Disgusting landed the exclusive poster premiere that teases the film’s premise with a pair of hands crawling out of an ear. The coolest part about the one-sheet is how the title spells out EDM.

If you ever heard an EDM song and thought, “Well, you’d have to be crazy to listen to music like this,” have we got the movie for you. Enter the Dangerous Mind (get it? EDM) is a new horror film in which an electronic composer can only turn off the voices in his head by making music. Eventually, however, he can stave off the madness no longer and he goes on a violent killing spree.

Because EDM music.

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