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Surprise: New Study Finds That Dance Fans are Obsessed With Social Media

Just EDM

What makes dance devotees different from those of other genres? We’re incredibly passionate about the music we listen to – and, more than any other fan group, make our opinions known on social media.

While this is hardly news to the fans who share Dillon Francis’ Instagram videos and comment on Deadmau5′s every online move, a study conducted by Eventbrite and Mashwork now has the numbers to back it up. By analyzing over 70 million social media conversations, the study compares users affiliated with dance music to jazz, country, and hip-hop fans. And, as Billboard sums it up, “The only thing dance music fans may love more than listening to EDM is tweeting about it.”

First, the study found that dance fans are more active on social media overall (with 11 tweets a day versus the average user’s 1.85 posts). Dance heads also posted about their music of choice 52% more frequently than general music fans.

Put differently, one out of three social media conversations for dance fans are music-related. “The EDM fan’s amount of online sharing is simply staggering,” said Eventbrite music marketing head Martina Wang. “They’re the most social of music fans.”

The same is true when dance lovers attend live events: We post about events 30 percent more than fans from other genres, and one in four social media missives about dance music are sent from shows and festivals.

Not only are dance fans extremely active online but, on the whole, we’re uniquely positive as well. Eventbrite found that “love of EDM [accounted] for 40 percent of all social media conversations. “We suspect EDM continues to boom because of this overwhelming positivity, affinity for the live experience and hyper social sharing,” said Wang.

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