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Cake vs. Pizza – which is more safe to throw at fans?

Aoki champaigne

Steve Aoki is a pioneer in many ways, most notably he blazed trails in terms of what is socially acceptable to throw at your fans during a performance. He’s known for the classic champagne shower, as popularized by 70′s and 80′s hair-metal bands, but Aoki really developed his calling card when he started throwing cakes. 

But now, in an act of radical defiance towards the status quo, Crizzly has begun throwing pizzas at his crowds – which has raised some questions. Cake, although messy and full of diabetes, is soft and cool – the risk of actually hurting someone is very minimal. We ask you, Crizzly, what temperature is the pizza? Are there toppings included that could easily poke someone’s eye out? What kind of precautions are being taken to ensure fan safety here?

As food-throwing becomes intimately linked with EDM shows, it’s important that artists and fans observe proper protocol. We recommend helmets, masks and ponchos – you may want to spend the extra cash on heat repelling gear in case the pizza is too hot. Soon DJ’s will be throwing mashed potatoes, dumplings, sushi, Ritz Crackers, kale, cookies, pudding – we gotta be safe out there and remember that some food is better suited for throwing at people’s faces than others.

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