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PANG! And Dirty Soul Invite You to Take a Trip With “Grow On Me”

PANG! And Dirty Soul Invite You to Take a Trip With “Grow On Me”

Even if you can’t escape the lackluster cubicles and fluorescent computer screens of the daily grind, the Swedish duo PANG! invites you to tap into your sense of wonder and join them on a metaphysical journey when you listen to their music. Their latest release “Grow On Me”, released on Dirty Soul Records, embodies the sweet uncertainty of stepping off the ledge of romance with someone new, like embarking on a spontaneous adventure to an unknown destination. With high trumpets, soaring vocals from Grace Tither, and a feel-good vibe, “Grow on Me” represents the artist’s ethos perfectly. PANG! is always organic and never feels forced; it is free-spirited, unconfined by the social constructs and societal expectations. In the world of PANG!, quite literally anything can happen. No matter what your musical preference, take a listen to “Grow on Me” and let this breezy number take you on a sonic vacation.

PANG! is more than just another mysterious project by two DJs and producers who took on an anonymous moniker in the name of musical freedom. Always on the edge of the next contemporary movement, the duo set out to create an audiovisual story with their music. They bring the personality of their productions to life with stunning, psychedelic depictions of the world of PANG!, and what a magical world it is. Accompanied by a friend who resembles a giant tadpole, watch the duo explore their weird, wonderful universe one track at a time on their Facebook page. Dirty Soul and PANG! already joined forces in 2015 for “Touch” single release, which has been heavily acclaimed by music industry tastemakers

You can listen PANG! latest release “Grow On Me” and one of their summer mixes on our House channel.

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