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The DJ Instagram Awards – a Year in 2013

The DJ Instagram Awards – a Year in 2013Other news2013-12-24T17:31:15+02:002014-07-23T17:56:06+03:00


There’s no doubt 2013 has been a massive year for DJ culture. The momentum behind it all is insane right now, fans know their favorite artists are going to be sharing part of their day-to-day life pretty much all day every day and flock to their social media feeds to get a slice. What better place to watch it all play out than Instagram? Today we honor innovation and originality in the Insta-DJ-sphere, here we go:

Best Twerk-shot


2013 was the year of the twerk, naturally the Best Twerk-shot Of The Year award goes to it’s pioneer and original champion, Diplo. He earned extra points for that shirt and will be sure to secure the win for 2014 if he himself twerks in an Instagram photo – quit letting the ladies do all the work, dude. I know you’re old but I’m confident your back can take it.


Best DJ Cat Meme + Best DJ Face Switch


Skrillex is a pioneer in the Best DJ Face Switch category, but took it to the next level by combining it with a Dillon Francis cat meme. Thus, this photo takes the win in two categories simultaneously #NextLevelMeming.


Best DJ Pizza Meme


Created by Dillon Francis, master of all things Internet, the Tiesto pizza-face meme is very obviously the boldest DJ pizza meme of the year. We have the DJ community to thank for making pizza so Internet in 2013 – check out some next level pizza-related activity on our flying pizza post courtesy of Figure and Crizzly.


Best Obligatory Crowd Shot


Photo credit here goes to Rukes (duh) for this shot shared by Calvin Harris. This pic clearly wins for the epic laser-on-crowd action thus setting it apart from the grillion other EDM crowd shots out there.


Best Obligatory Out-The-Airplane-Window Shot


Nervo FTW in the Obligatory Out-The-Airplane-Window Shot category with this stunning sunrise pic taken on their way from New York to Los Angeles. One requirement in this category is excellent composition including the plane’s wing, and the Nervo girls nailed it against a contrasting image of clouds and sun. A++.


Best Photoshop Job

Dillon Francis

Dillon Francis takes the cake on Best Photoshop Job with his ‘Dilly Cyrus’ photo series created following Miley’s horrific, camel-toe-massacre of a photoshoot with Terry Richardson.


Best DJ Fan Art


Diplo is smashing the Instagram awards this year with a win in yet another category, Best Fan Art. The caption on this photo reads, “Be awesome today ok.” Ok, Diplo – we will.


Most Open-Arm Crowd Shots


The #1 DJ in the world naturally has the #1 collection of open-arm crowd shots in the world, as demonstrated here by Mr. Hardwell. To spice it up, turn around and get your face in the shot – kick it up a notch.


Most Small Dog Shots

Avici's dog

Avicii’s dog Oliver takes up about 50% of his Instagram pics from 2013, making him the obvious winner in this category. Also, shout out to Avicii’s other dog, who didn’t get nearly as much play on his feed this year as Oliver, who clearly thinks he’s hot shit. Never forget #OtherDog.


Most Selfies


Borgore smashes this category with a whopping 4:10 selfie to regular photo ratio on his Instagram feed (average DJ-selfie-ratio is about 1:10). We were somewhat shocked to find so many more selfies than porn-star pics – looks like Asaf found a new love.


Best DJ + Animal Pose

Again, Diplo

Again, Diplo spanks this category with his ‘Check My Purr Goat’ pic. The composition here alone secures the win, goat out front tied to a non-chalant, sock-less Diplo staring off into the distance as his twerk-team admires the goat’s ass. This what the Internet was made for.


Best DJ Celebrity Look Alike

Benny Benass

Benny Benassi slam dunked for the win on this shot, for some reason taken in a cowboy hat, looking exactly like Robert Downey Jr. Just imagine Ironman being super Italian (literally, every 5 seconds in the thickest accent ever saying, “It’s because I am from Italia!”) and that’s Benny Benassi pretty much in a nutshell. RDJ is slated to play Benny in the Benassi biopic that isn’t scheduled to exist yet, but should be.


Best DJ Posing With Celebrity Shot


This pic was a strong contender fro Shot Of The Year based exclusively on Joel’s face here. Mr. mau5 looks like some combination of terrified and deeply self-aware in this epic pic with Jay-Z. I say self-aware because we all know that The mau5 carries a bit of ego with him (LOL – just a little) and sometimes it’s just not his turn to be the coolest guy in the photo, this is an #AppropriateTurnDown.


Most Entertaining Instagram Feed Of the Year


We had to edge Dillon Francis out at the 11th hour for his maker, Wesley Diplo Pentz, to take the win for Most Entertaining Feed of the Year. If his meme-making is anything like his beat-making these days, it’s largely outsourced – but that doesn’t make it any less awesome (ouch, I know, but c’mon dude…everyone knows we still love you). I imagine a little Santa’s workshop of meme-makers and Wes just being like, “I need a grainy image of me in a elf costume with no neck holding balloon animals right now – GO!”



Shot of the Year


This award goes to Krewella’s tour manager Erik Fink, who apparently had that shirt custom-made. Shot of the Year isn’t an award that goes to just anyone, it’s reserved for that look on Tiesto’s face – the guy takes a lot of photos and you can tell when he’s faking. That is genuine joy right there and the message is universal to industry and fans. Happy New Year, BPM Family – we’ll quit when Tiesto quits. Unless he quits sooner than Armin, in which case we’ll wait til then.


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