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This Sound System Is So Loud it Could Kill You

Large European Acoustic Facility

Ever stood next to the speakers in a club and woke up the next day with your ears ringing? You've heard nothing yet.

In fact, you'll never hear this sound system, located at the Large European Acoustic Facility in Holland, at full pelt as no human being's ears could withstand it at full output.

Bulit by the European Space Agency, the device is part of several spaceflight simulation facilities and can produce up to 154 decibels - similar to numerous jet planes taking off - when nitrogen is sent through the the huge sound horns situated in the 54 ft high and 36 ft wide system.

Unsurprisingly, ear plugs aren't enough to limit the damage, meaning it's only able function within steel-enforced, epoxy resin-coated walls behind closed doors.

Don't expect to see this at Fabric anytime soon.

154 decibels

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