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Miami club throws down audacious offer to Deadmau5


2014 got off to a sour start for Joel Zimmerman, better known to dance floors as Deadmau5. With a well-earned reputation for calling it as he sees it, the producer’s experience on New Year’s Day at Mansion in Miami led him to a drastic declaration.

“I fucking reamed out my agent for making me deal with that,”

he wrote during a chat with fans on his Deadmau5 Live site.

“Putting fans in the back and trust fund kids up front is fucking stupid as fuck.”

As a result, he “won’t be playing any more Miami clubs.”

Deadmau5 and fans

One club reading the blow-up with interest was Club Space Miami, the downtown institution that counts Markus Schulz, Mark Knight and Chus and Ceballos among its residents. A Facebook update by Space today has thrown down a serious public offer to Deadmau5 on behalf of his Miami fans.


“We read with great interest about your recent show in Miami,”the status reads, “and your concerns about fans being placed in the back of the venue while trust fund kids paid premium prices to be placed in front of the DJ booth…We would like to extend an invitation for you to make these fans happy by hosting a free show for them at our legendary venue, Space. We will extend complimentary admission to all your fans and they will be able to enjoy your music on our huge dance floor without trust fund kids or anything else between you and them.

Space Miami

“Space will cover your expenses up to $25,000 for your choice of private plane and five-star hotel so that you can come down and give your fans the opportunity to see you for free and experience you up close, the way you intended. Please give your fans and Miami another opportunity to show you just how great this city is to perform in and how much we love having you here.”


And it seems the pitch has worked – Deadmau5 has just agreed to the offer, but the details still need working out.


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