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Crizzly & Figure Make Edm History With Flying Pizza


This weekend history was made at The Soundstage in Baltimore when two young bass legends attempted the impossible. As discussed just a few weeks ago, throwing food at fans is quickly becoming a must for every world-famous DJ, but there are advantages and disadvantages depending on what the item thrown is. 

Fly Pizza

We were concerned about the potential dangers of Crizzly throwing pizza at his shows (poking unsuspecting eyes out with sharp pepperoni, scalding bodies if not yet cooled etc.), but fortunately he and Figure have come up with an incredibly forward thinking alternative. The two changed the game when they tied a single piece of pizza to 10 helium balloons and launched it into the crowd, where it was eagerly consumed by two hungry bassheads who are apparently not afraid of DJ pizza cooties.


We expect this to set a new precedent throughout the EDM community – just imagine a fleet of helium balloons carrying pizza and maybe other lightweight snacks flying around the club some time around 1 am to get everyone fed and get their second wind going. This is the future of music – if I could special request one with vegan cheese and green onions that would be tits.

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