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Lucky Rituals or Perverts? 10 Weirdest Rituals DJ’s Do Before A Show

Lucky Rituals or Perverts? 10 Weirdest Rituals DJ’s Do Before A ShowOther news2013-11-27T03:13:46+02:002014-02-14T11:38:15+02:00

Lucky Rituals or Perverts?

 Every creative and extraordinary person needs a source of inspiration. DJs of course are very-very creative persons. Sometimes is possible to think that they are not taking inspiration, they are just rude perverts!


Steve Aoki dances naked in front of a mirror to Q-Lazzarus's - Goodbye Horses

Steve Aoki

 Before every show, Mr. Aoki, will kick everyone out of his hotel room so that he can get naked, apply some lipstick, tuck his penis between his legs and dance provocatively to the Q-Lazzarus hit,Goodbye Horses. He'll often round off each session by pouting and asking the question 'Would you fuck me?' to his own reflection. So far, his reflection has adamantly refused.


Dash Berlin recites Bohemian Rhapsody in its entirety

Dash Berlin

  Not many people know that Dash is a massive Queen fan and considers Bohemian Rhapsody to be "the best song sung by an openly gay man with a moustache ever made." Dash's ritual involves him playing the song at full volume while singing along to all the parts in an assortment of squeaky voices. "Sometimes I'll even draw on a moustache using Hardwell's eyeliner," added Dash. "Then I'm ready to go."


Afrojack draws a picture of himself, applies lipstick, kisses the picture, then burns it


Afrojack's luck ritual involves him crudely drawing a stick figure of himself after which he applies bright red lipstick, kisses the picture and then burns it. "It has always given me good luck and helps me to love myself, or at least a childlike stick figure of myself, the more I love myself the better I'll perform," claimed Afrojack. "I'll always, always, accentuate the penis and take a few pounds off the midriff," he added.


Calvin Harris picks his nose and wipes the snot under the DJ desk

Calvin Harris

Scottish EDM star, Calvin Harris, likes to settle his pre-show nerves by using his finger to decongest his nasal cavity and smearing the resulting mess onto the underside of the DJ desk. "It's a comfort thing and also about marking territory," claimed Harris. "Unfortunately sometimes the snot can get caught in the hair of a DJ ducking under for a quick line. With their ketamine caked nostrils though they usually think it's one of their own snots and just hoover it back up."


Maya Jane Coles smells her fingers after every set

Maya Jane Coles

"I love the smell of the sweat warmed plastic of a controller's buttons. It sounds silly but it kind of lets me know if I've played a good set or not, and if I have then I'll carry that confidence over to my next set," claimed Maya. "Mostly it'll just smell of booze, fags or whatever but sometimes it'll smell of urine, and I love that.


Armin Van Buuren hires a team of dwarf dominatrix's to beat him up

Armin Van Buuren

 "Nothing beats the cleansing qualities of spending 4 hours in a sweaty gimp costume being roundly trounced by a team of dwarves," Armin claimed. "There's nothing sexual about it per se, it's more of a chance to leave the rest of my life behind and enter a place of sadomasochistic zen before a show. Which isn't to say that dwarves aren't sexy because, and I think everyone can agree, they are."


Hardwell insists on having all of his entourage refer to him as Mr. DJ Mag Number 1 DJ Hardwell


The most important thing for Hardwell is his ego. If it's not vigorously stroked before a show then he can often get performance anxiety. "He's had us doing this since even before he bought top place in the DJ Mag vote," claimed his manager. "Number one rule in this business, 'keep the talent happy' which is true even if it can be annoying saying 'Mr. DJ Mag Number 1 DJ Hardwell there are no bins in this limousine but if you give me your wet, used chewing gum I'll hold it in my hand for you' or 'Mr. DJ Mag Number 1 DJ Hardwell would you like my lips closer to your anus next time?' But sometimes you have to make sacrifices, demeaning, long-winded, sacrifices."


Martin Garrix wets himself to ease his nerves

Martin Garrix

 Young buck on the scene, Martin Garrix, still suffers from crippling stage fright so to avoid repeating an unfortunate, pant wetting incident from a high school talent show, Martin always ensures that he pisses his pants before a show. "I started doing it because I was nervous. I continue to do it because I like it."


Avicii performs cunnilingus on his pet parakee


Avicii likes to prepare for a show-stopping set by performing an intimate sex act on on his pet parakeet, who he has trained to repeat the phrase 'oh yeah, right there, you're the best,' over and over again. Unfortunately, the ritual is not without its drawbacks as Avicii claims that whether or not he'll be able to perform a good show depends on if he brings the parakeet to orgasm. "I'd say my official success rate is about 35%," confirms Avicii. "But I'm sure she's suppressing her orgasm to piss me off at least some of the time."


Markus Schulz masturbates naked while standing in front of a mirror kissing his biceps

Markus Schulz

Markus has always been a big fan of masturbation and would sometimes "spill [his] seed six, maybe seven times on the day of the show, depending on how big the crowd was going to be." Apparently it helps him concentrate solely on the task at hand and avoids any chance of his eye drifting to the young ladies in the audience. "I'm doing them a favour by being so out of sex drive that I concentrate solely on the set. Every tug is dedicated to those guys in the crowd."


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