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Highest Paid DJs in Las Vegas

Las Vegas

The Highest Paid DJs have in the last year significantly increased their incomes in Vegas. As the popularity of electronic dance music has grown so has the salaries of the top tier DJ/producers. Only a couple of years ago the only place that you could see this many world famous DJ/producers  was Ibiza. Fast forward to now and Las Vegas has almost replaced Ibiza as the EDM capital of the world. While there are a bunch of different ways to look at this, we are trying compare each DJs per show earnings. These are the best guesses for what each DJ is currently making per show.

Some of the Highest Paid DJs:


Deadmau5 - is currently the highest paid with an estimated $425,000 per performance.


Tiesto – is the second on the list playing at Hakkasan Las Vegas and Wet Republic and reportedly making right around $250,000 per performance.


Skrillex – will be playing at Daylight Beach Club and Light Vegas two brand new venues that opened at Mandalay Bay. He is making right around 225k to 250k per performance.


Steve Angello – one of the members of Swedish House mafia, can be seen playing at XS Las Vegas and Encore Beach Club on a regular basis.


David Guetta – reportedly made $13 million in 2012. You can find David Guetta at Encore Beach Club and XS Las Vegas on a regular basis in 2013.


Avicii – is one of the only DJ that demands large sums of money and has the freedom to play at multiple venues. You can see Avicii between Marquee Dayclub & Nightclub, Encore Beach Club and XS Las Vegas.


Steve Aoki – who in 2012 made approximately $12 million while playing at the Wynn Encore has moved over to play at Hakkasan Las Vegas and Wet Republic.


Kaskade - had a residency at Encore Beach for a summer a couple of years ago and then was a resident at Marquee Dayclub & Nightclub. He is now a resident at XS nightclub where he played Columbus Day, Halloween. The next time you can see Kaskade is at XS Nightclub on New Year’s Eve 2014.

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