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Sensation – «The Legacy» 2015

We Love Sensation!

Amsterdam, July 5th 2015 - Last night, 40,000 dance music fans from over 85 countries experienced the unique anniversary edition of Sensation ‘The Legacy’.

The World’s Leading Dance Event lived up to its name again, taking it to the next level. For this very special edition, they went the extra mile to bring you all the highlights of the last 15 years, coming together in a new show that could only be marveled in the Amsterdam ArenA. 'The Legacy' represents the journey Sensation has made, from the very first time in the Amsterdam ArenA to becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

We Love Sensation!

This special anniversary show has proved that Sensation never settles for less. The Amsterdam ArenA, the place where it all began, was transforemed into a true Temple of House. During the night, the crowd was captivated by the ultimate Sensation story, with many highlights. The rooftop filled with round inflatables from the Innerspace show made a comeback. The top of the ArenA was filled with 132 giant inflatable balloons, all armed with fireworks that floated above the crowd like a giant ocean of fire. Everything was centered around the sphere from the ‘Source of Light’ show. The 47 fountains from the ‘Ocean of White’ completed the show. But it wasn’t just a trip down memory lane, on the contrary. It was another cutting edge show where full color lasers cut through the air and where a choir of 500 became visible when torches lit up the entire second ring. Never before has a choir this big performed on a dance event .

We Love Sensation!

Sensation and the Amsterdam ArenA have made extra efforts to regulate the heat as good as possible. Special measures were taken to keep the stadium safe and pleasant. Things like extra chill-out area’s in the outside spaces, more first-aid points with extra personnel, fans, airco’s and handing out cups to fill up at the extra water points. “The safety of our visitors is the most important thing there is,” Event Director Eric Keijer explains. “Luckily, we can report that the extra measures proved successful and the amount of incidents has been brought to an absolute minimum.”

When it comes to sustainability and renewable energy, The Amsterdam ArenA and Sensation succeeded in organizing an event fully powered by renewable energy.

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