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Insomniac’s $35 Million Production Investment Pays Off

Insomniac’s $35 Million Production Investment Pays Off

At 5:30 Monday morning, Dash Berlin was winding up his set. As he finished, the Insomniac owl closed it’s wings, and the lights came down on one of the most intricate and astounding stages to date. This year, Insomniac Events poured $35 million into production costs alone. It was an astounding number to say the least but those of us “headliners” lucky enough to attend can attest that it was most definitely spent wisely.

From the 360 degree Kinetic Field, to the flower bearing post-apocalyptic art at Basscon, to the fire-spewing towers at Basspod, little was left untouched. Each stage had a quiet brilliance in design that was thought through down to every intricate detail.

Main stage was a piece of art in itself. Lined on either side with mushrooms, flowers and EDC performers, it was a true spectacle. Also, the stage had scaffolding structures that enclosed the stage into a 360 degree experience.


The stage sponsored by Hard Events was quite fantastic too. Fireballs shot up from stagefront as well as off of three scaffolding pedestals stationed in the crowd. Energy at this stage was high and the crowds packed the stage full to see their favorite acts.


The Neon Garden stage played host to techno and house legends during EDC. The decks were graced by the likes of Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Pete Tong and many more. A tentless tent, if you will, the structure was a spectacle with fireworks, beautiful lights and lasers that shot into the Las Vegas night.


Pyromaniacs could rejoice at the Basspod where fireballs illuminated the night sky. Not only were there fireballs on the stage but structures lined each side of the crowd that were also topped with flames.


With a capacity of 10,000 the Circuit Grounds tent basically served as a second main stage. Deafening roars of the crowd reverberated around the tent making for some of the best energy at EDC, and some of the most memorable sets and moments.


The stage design for the hardstyle stage, Basscon, was a close second to main stage. The art design was simply brilliant and the lasers, lights and fire complimented eachother beautifully.


Check out these shots for alternative views of the stages:


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