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Pioneer Dj Reveals HDJ-700

Pioneer Reveals HDJ-700

Pioneer Dj has scheduled a new headphone design that's fully optimised for dance music.

To be released in October, the HDJ-700 is packed full of features making them ideal for DJ use.


Each speaker is fitted with a 40mm driver containing rare earth magnets that provide "powerful bass and great sound insulation", while the 19 µm diaphragm and copper-clad aluminium wire voice coil "accurately reproduce kicks and snares."

The right earpiece is connected to a 60 degree rotating arm to enable easy one-ear monitoring.

Durability has been ensured with a strong stainless steel headband and the inclusion of two interchangeable cords, a 1-metre straight cord and a 1.2-metre coiled cord with a 3-metre extended length.

Soft polyurethane material used to create the ear cups makes the headphones comfortable to wear for an extended period, perfect for those marathon mixing sessions.

Full specifications can be found on the Pioneer Dj website here.

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