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Happy New Year!

С наступающим 2015 годом

Dear readers and listeners of our internet radio!  This year, we’ve had a lot of interesting stuff and events, let’s recall some of them.


As it turned out the most popular topic was the financial side of popular DJs and artists lifestyle, in particular how much the stars of DJ Olympus cost and how much is it to engage them for an event.


The most scandalous and "social" as no surprise, turned out Deadmau5, continuing his series of coffee runs, simultaneously acting in commercials, helping those in need, responding the lawsuits and not forgetting trolling Paris Hilton, Krewella and many others ...


This year the theme of beautiful “legs” was developed by Benny Benassi in his video “Let This Last Forever” and by suddenly materialized EDM PornHub Records.


Talking about festivals, kaZantip managed to change its the place of residence twice within a year: first settling in at first sight sunny Georgia, and eventually found itself on an island in a really sunny Cambodia. As always, Tomorrowland, UMF are great, the story from Kaskade about his performance in Panama is fascinating, and finally the "small" student party in Ontario should not be forgotten. The Sensation was first held in Dubai open air.  Let’s recall the awesome aftermovie at Shambhala Festival.


The younger generation is visible: the royal couple Prince William and Kate Middleton were shining in the beginning of the year, 8-year-old Kai Song entertained adult audience, but an even younger mix prodigy is found.


We must mention this year fascinating live performances from Above & Beyond at Madison Square Garden and their performances in the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles as well as an impressive live Skrillex from Red Rocks and other videos.


We spoke about “modest” collectors, Lego toy manufacturers, the public places for DJing, the reborn vinyl from Pioneer.


Creative active people did not sit idle: a designer from New Zealand made a manual vinyl turntable using a 3D printer and it works! or looks like it works...

Summarising, the year has been quite loaded with events.  We thank all of our readers and listeners and Happy New Year!

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