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Looking for music

Re-launched just before the Christmas and the New Year holidays, with lots of efforts put into the back-end of the SmileRadio, our music channels still lack good music content to be played. Later we are going to introduce user moderation for the content, but at the moment only one person selects the music for our channels.
We are open for the cooperation with musicians, music performers, deejays and other musical projects. If you would like to have your music played on our online radio, all you need is to email us info@smileradio.net  a brief information about yourself with your picture and a link to a file server or an FTP server with the music files. 
After preliminary moderation, you will receive an email with the information about a channel and when your music will be played. This event will be also displayed in the news feed on our site. Please don’t forget to specify a music genre of the music composition as this will simplify classiication and channel selection.
General technical requirements for the provided music material is the following:
• At least 128 kbps stereo .mp3 format
• For a deejay’s mix optimal duration is 30 to 120 minutes
• No genre limitations
If you can’t find an appropriate music genre channel for your composition, don’t panic! As soon as we have enough material in the genre, a new channel will be created.

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