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Dubstep radio

Dubstep radio - its place where you can hear the incredible bass and ethereal sound, namely one of the youngest musical genres - dubstep (in the U.S. – brostep). Commercial support in the form of publications on labels with own style, dubstep received in 2002 from the Big Apple, Ammunition and Tempa. Since the popularization of the musical style dubstep started advance.

Real style was born a little earlier, it "echoes" possible to find in the compositions of the 80th. However, own wobble bass and significant musical and structural differences from the drum, bass, and UK garage, has already acquired in the present time. Known representatives of this style are like artists as Skream, Mary Anne Hobbs, Skrillex, Shackleton, Jhon Peel and many others.

On our internet radio you will hear early versions of dubstep and modern "classics" of the electronic music genre that had resound with different musical styles such as R'n'B, Ambient, Nu metal and others. Happy listening radio Dubstep free and we hope that you have a good subwoofer ;)